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Maximizing Communication Through the Marketing Process

Communication is one of the roots to successful project management, and the main difference between a project running smoothly or a project filled with missed deadlines and avoidable bottlenecks. One of the areas with a high probability for communication to affect process and productivity is in the creation of marketing collateral and marketing campaigns. Process, […]

The Future of Drone Technology in Commercial Real Estate​

The Technical Advances of Drone Usage Across Industries​ Technology advances so quickly it often feels faster than it should. As a professional in my thirties, I have lived through the advent of home internet and the progression of dial-up to wifi; pagers progress to the handheld technological magic we commonly refer to as our smartphones; […]

Technology’s Potential in Property Marketing: Drone Usage & Applications

Now that we have learned about important laws and regulations on the use of drones, let’s discuss how drone technology is integrated into marketing usage within commercial real estate. Drone Photography One of the most pivotal components of marketing commercial real estate assets is photography. In order to create any collateral, you need a picture of what […]

Real Capital Markets : A Resource for Online Marketing

One of the greatest tools we have found in utilizing technology within our property marketing is leveraging the third party platform Real Capital Markets (RCM). Although it is attached to a distinct price tag, the platform is a one-stop-shop for all of our property marketing needs. The platform not only allows you to create a unique website for the property equipped […]

Understanding the Buyer for Your Shopping Center

Winning the business is half the battle. Marketing the property with a comprehensive and precise marketing campaign therein lies a greater challenge. If positioned incorrectly, the property will not sell, the marketing methodology becomes diluted, a team loses credibility, and a long term relationship could be lost. Sellers want to feel confident that their property […]

Bringing Technology To Market

Baking a pie takes precision and strategy, a careful measure of all the ingredients creating the perfect formula. The pie crust needs to be the right consistency and bake to support the filling. Timing becomes the catalyst to perfection. Thankfully, today’s modern technology has supplied digital scales, timers, and thermometers that have taken away most […]

New Ikea. New Burbank?

February was an exciting month for Burbank as the largest IKEA in US history opened its doors to a swarm of excited patrons. This 456,000 square foot location provides shoppers with a 1,700 vehicle parking structure, and a 600-seat restaurant, a childcare center, and all 10,000 items that IKEA sells. Even though the new location […]