Ideal for clients currently in or preparing to walk through an exchange, this process was created to help our clients traverse the often complicated landscape of a 1031 exchange. The 1031 Exchange Navigator is a unique program customized to each of our clients’ individual requirements. This process also explores all available avenues which may include: IRS Sector 1031, Exchanges, Delaware Statutory Trust, and Upreit 1031 Exchanges.


Our initial steps revolve around identifying the client’s exchange process and criteria. Our team will create a structured exchange program and timeline while discovering and mitigating any potential risk tolerance. We then formulate a unique game plan and schedule bi-weekly meetings where potential properties and acquisition strategies are discussed.


Once an exchange strategy is created, our team then focuses on sourcing possible opportunities while providing access to internal underwriting, property analysis, property positioning, acquisition strategies, exchange and transaction recommendations, and debt sourcing. We provide assistance in understanding and assessing the surrounding market and trade areas and offer recommendations for third party specialists/vendors.

Secured Close

The Secured Close is our team’s promise of a managed transaction. This proven process helps us facilitate clear and direct communication between all parties. We create a detailed reporting and follow-up process that ensures the buyer, seller, and escrow agents are accurately following the purchase and sale instructions while mitigating any issues that might arise.