A three step marketing methodology that combines our Unique Value Enhancer, Qualified Buyer Filter, and our Managed Escrow Process to create an incomparable formula for success.

Unique Value Enhancer

In this first phase of our marketing process, our team takes all necessary actions to fully understand our client’s objectives and all the unique nuances of the property. We create a precise marketing strategy with best-in-class collateral, accurately position the property and identity our target buyers through our team’s unmatched expertise and methodology.

Qualified Buyer Filter

Our second step focuses on strategically distributing our marketing campaign to ensure maximum exposure and value. We utilize technology to effectively target high probity buyers and leverage our existing global relationships, provide property tours, and are available at all times to ensure that potential buyers have access to ample resources and all necessary information.

Secured Close

The Secured Close is our team’s promise of a managed transaction. This proven process helps us facilitate clear and direct communication between all parties. We create a detailed reporting and follow-up process that ensures the buyer, seller, and escrow agents are accurately following the purchase and sale instructions while mitigating any issues that might arise.