Carson Town Center

Institutional Property Advisors (“IPA”) is pleased to present an exceptional investment opportunity for the acquisition of the 100% fee-simple interest in Carson Town Center (the “Property”). The Property is an infill site of approximately 17.54 acres, strategically located at the intersection of the I-110 and Torrance Blvd. in Carson, CA, an unincorporated neighborhood in Los Angeles County, CA.

The Property is currently improved with a 169,656 SF retail center known as Carson Town Center, which is operating at a 0.22 FAR under the Flex District zoning designation. With the recently adopted Carson 2040 general plan, the Property offers investors an abundance of repositioning options, including the potential for mixed-use and multi-family development, with the flexibility to achieve multiple FAR and density bonuses. This presents investors with the opportunity to execute a wide range of redevelopment and repositioning strategies, unlocking significant value and enhancing the Property’s potential for longterm


Carson is an ideal location for investment, with the city having a strong focus on the development of multifamily housing and mixed-use developments. The Property’s location in the Flex District provides potential developers with the necessary zoning flexibility to undertake such projects, further enhancing its appeal as an investment opportunity.