ARGUS Enterprise: How to Transition from DCF to Enterprise

With ARGUS ending support for all DCF Licenses as of June 30, 2017, many are finding themselves lost in the transition to ARGUS Enterprise. During this webinar led by Heather Boren, our resident financial and ARGUS Enterprise expert, our team will walk you through some of the newest features, insider tips, how to avoid conversion issues, and the program’s new infrastructure. We will also take a moment to discuss the future of ARGUS and where the program is going.

Don’t disrupt your workflow by re-learning this complex program. Let us help you save time by taking away the guesswork and providing you with the keys to a successful transition to ARGUS Enterprise.

As an authority on the subject, Heather’s experience will undoubtedly provide you with valuable direction and open the way for future ARGUS dialogue.

Heather not only uses ARGUS Enterprise in her day to day with our team, she currently teaches ARGUS Enterprise at two prestigious universities. When she is not underwriting multi-tenant shopping centers, Heather is lecturing at University of California, Los Angeles Extension and Pepperdine University Graziado School of Business and Management. Her boots-on-the-ground experience and unique understanding of ARGUS Enterprise and all of its nuances has become an invaluable resource to her students and our team.

In addition to the 40-minute instruction and 20-minute Q&A, we will be offering webinar participants with supplemental ARGUS Enterprise support which will include 10 DCF to Enterprise Conversion files for 30 days.

Our team aims to become an additional resource for our clients and we are dedicated to helping you gracefully navigate through this transition. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about the webinar or ARGUS Enterprise in general.

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