Don’t Be a Lone Wolf: How leveraging Your Team’s Strengths Can Increase Your Deal Flow.

Growing your commercial real estate business can seem overwhelming within the dynamic and entrepreneurial environment. Many young brokers come into the business with the dream of making their dent, often never realizing that the cornerstone to progress is surrounding yourself with the proper support and team.

I learned that in order to multiply my results as an individual broker, I had to team up with people that complemented my skill set. I researched various resources and found the most success with the Strategic Coaching program, Kolbe Index, and Market Force.

This trifecta not only exposed my strengths, but also my weaknesses. It showed me where I needed the most help and helped me find people that would be able to fill those weaknesses with their individual strengths.

In this article, I will walk you through how I surround myself with complementary team members and the results of a strength-focused team. I will expand on how the aforementioned trifecta helped me identify potential team members, how I help my team, and how working with a team is the only way to truly progress in commercial brokerage.

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